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Jansson's documentation moved to Read the Docs

By Petri Lehtinen on 2013-08-21

Jansson's documentation has been moved to Read the Docs, an amazing service for hosting Sphinx-powered documentation. The documentation of many popular open source projects are already hosted on RTD (e.g. pip, South, Tornado), and it seems to be quite popular especially among open source Python projects.

The main motivation for me to do this change was the mobile aware Sphinx theme. For a long time I've been aware of the the fact that Jansson's documentation cannot be viewed nicely with mobile devices, so it was about time to fix it. The docs look a bit different now, but I think it's a change for the better.

In addition to mobile support, I also got automatic documentation builds for all branches. It was as easy as pointing RTD to Jansson's git repo and selecting tags and branches that get built automatically. GitHub has a built-in service hook that rebuilds changed docs each time I push. Could it be easier than this?

I hope you like the new documentation as much as I do!