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Jansson 2.0.1 released

By Petri Lehtinen on 2011-04-01

Jansson 2.0.1 is out. This release fixes a few bugs, some of them major and some minor.

The most important bug fixes are:

  • Fix strict key checking in json_unpack() code. The strict mode (JSON_STRICT flag and the ! format character), checking that every object key is unpacked, didn't really work at all.
  • Fix the return value of json_object_size(). On error, it now returns 0, as documented. This may affect users if someone is relying on the buggy old return value of (size_t)-1.
  • Fix a few segfaulters when custom memory management is used.
  • Make the JANSSON_VERSION_HEX constant usable (by fixing the number of closing parentheses).

For full details, see the changelog. Special thanks to Eric Roy, Akos Polster and others who found bugs and provided patches!